A Scot’s wee guide to Edinburgh slang

A Scot’s wee guide to Edinburgh slang

Planning a visit up to the Athens of the North? You might need to know some slang before you get here. Us Scots have a particular way of saying things, and we don’t want you to get too confused. Luckily, our boutique hotel in Edinburgh has created a list of all the key phrases you need to know.


Unlike other places, in Edinburgh this doesn’t mean your friend. Chum means to head on a journey with someone, although we guess you could go on a chum with your mate!
Example: I’ll chum you to the Turquoise Thistle.


Edinburgh natives use this word to replace ‘know’, so don’t confuse it with a name. We also use it to agree with something, so instead of saying ‘I know’, we’d say ‘I ken’ (although ‘I’ is pronounced ‘ah’ of course).
Example: I ken the secret location of Panda & Sons.


This is our word for don’t, and is sometimes said as ‘dinna’. When you dinnae ken something, it means you don’t know.
Example: Dinnae forget your rain coat.


Steer clear when you hear this word being used. Stooshie means to bicker or have a small spat with someone, but don’t worry, it won’t escalate.
Example: There was a stooshie at Princes Street last night, but it’s all good now.


Having a catch-up, gossip, or just chatting for a long period of time about nothing in particular. Often with a cuppa or a dram of whisky.
Example: Sorry I was so long, me and my mate were having a blether.


Has something disappointing or unfortunate happened to you? It was pure shan. We use this to describe anything from the weather, to a bad meal, to when you forget your favourite outfit at home on holiday.
Example: I can’t believe the rain today, it’s well shan.


On a lighter note, barry means something is good! We use this to describe anything and everything, and it’s pretty much the opposite of ‘shan’.
Example: That show at Edinburgh Playhouse was well barry.


Even better than barry. This classic piece of Scottish slang means something is brilliant, amazing, or fantastic. Careful to pay attention to the context though, we’re known for a bit of sarcasm.
Example: The view from my hotel room is braw.


Another one that’s not what you think it is. Healthy means a large amount of something, although that can either be good or bad depending on the context.
Example: This pub serves well healthy portions.

Not a Scooby

When you have absolutely no idea about something. Scooby Doo is the rhyming slang for clue, so the opposite of this is not having a scooby.
Example: I didn’t have a scooby what any of this Edinburgh slang meant at first, but now I ken.

We hope we’ve given you a good understanding of Edinburgh slang before you get up here. If not, our staff are always happy to do some translating. Our luxury hotel has a healthy portion of Scottish hospitality, why not check out what we’re all about?


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